clinic_tourDo you know that 45% of people above the age of 65 years are without any teeth in the West. Dental treatment is enormously expensive in the West. Rehabilitation procedures are compromised due to the high cost involved.

Consequences of loosing one's tooth:-

  • When the teeth is lost, the jaw-bone shrinks and one looks very old.
  • Chewing is a problem even with removable false teeth (dentures).
  • Social and family life are compromised
  • Psychological health when deteriorated, most often leads to depression.

How one can find a solution for one's Dental Problem.

Find out where one can get quality Dental Treatment at affordable cost.The answer is Faridabad Dental Care Center.

Dental Tourism in India

The Western World and most other developed countries undoubtedly have the best of medical facilities. But it is also evident there is shortage of medical professionals, long waits in National Health Services (NHS) and governmental facilities elsewhere, high insurance, and the resultant skyrocketing costs of private dental care have all made it unaffordable to hapless most. Hence, today there are thousand of patients from all over the world who are not only sending emails to us but also using India Phone Cards or India Calling Cards asking to find a dentist in India and talk personally to book appointments as assurance that their urgent dental treatment or even emergency dental treatment needs during India Visit can be met in as short stay as possible.
A Dental Care India Tour, as the name easily understood, is a leading group company domain of Smile India Tour, company committed to facilitating the comparably best deal of complete dental care or complete dental treatment by highly trained and experienced multi-specialty dental professionals, combined as Dental Tourism in India options not only affordable but huge savings on costs.
Even if taking any India tour package may not be your primary idea, still our services would be handy in booking the choice of hotel and affordable category at most competitive room tariffs when you travel to India.

Modern Dental Implants

Modern Dental Implants allow our panel specialists to recreate your natural smile. Dental Implants can be used in a broad range of situations, from replacing a single tooth to providing secure anchors for dentures. Click here for details. The Implantologists on our panel are with certificates of Advanced Training in Implant Dentistry. Multispeciality doctors in dental implants and general and periodontal dentistry offer a wide range of dental services.
In the true Indian tradition of high respect for Senior Citizens, we offer them discount on fixed full dentures, to spread miles of smiles in blessings!